Phyla of the Plant Kingdom

For Mrs. Newton


Anthophyta: Flowering Plants

Members of the Anthophyta phylum are gymnosperm, or seed producing, plants. They reproduce sexually, mostly through pollination by insects and the wind and have been around for at least 450 million years. One plant is both male and female, with one part being female and the other male.


1. The stamen of the plant, the male part, produces pollen.
2. Insects are attracted to the scent and color of the flower, landing on the stamen to drink nectar.
3. Some pollen rubs onto the legs of the insect.
4. The insect lands on the female part of another plant, and gets some pollen on the female reproductive organ of the plant.
5. The pollen travels into the ovary and fertilizes the eggs inside, turning them into seeds.
6. The ovary turns into fruit.
7. The seeds inside land on the ground, somehow.
8. The seeds grow.


Agriculture is almost entirely dependent on flowering plants, and without them we would starve. This is mostly because they are producers of many fruits, and vegatable.

  • Some Roses
    Some Roses
  • A Yellow Daisy
    A Yellow Daisy